January 17, 2010
Show Number 980
January 17, 2010
Recovering Scripture

George Gallop has commented that Americans revere the Bible, but don't read it. In fact, poll after poll, reveals an increasing trend toward biblical illiteracy, not only among those outside the church, but also among those who describe themselves as "born again," or Evangelical. On this edition of the White Horse Inn the hosts discuss the implications of this disturbing trend as they introduce their new series for 2010, Recovering Scripture.


The Problem of Biblical Illiteracy
David Nienhuis
What are We Looking For in the Bible?
Michael Horton
Evangelical Mindlessness & The Bible
Carl Henry


Knowing Scripture
R.C. Sproul
Him We Proclaim
Dennis Johnson
Preaching Christ in All of Scripture
Ed Clowney


Zack Hicks