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Each Wednesday, we release a WHI Classic episode to our standard podcast feed! You can listen on your computer with the links below or on your mobile device using iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, or by searching for White Horse Inn on your favorite podcast app or site. If you're a partner, simply click here to access our entire vault which now goes back to 1990!

WHI-Classic: Youth Ministry in Crisis

July 17, 2019 – According to the most conservative estimates, over 60 percent of those raised in evangelical homes end up leaving church at age 18. In some cases the estimates range as high as 90 percent. So what are we doing wrong? Why are we failing to pass the faith on the next generation, and what should churches and parents do to address this crisis? To help answer these questions, Michael Horton talks with Christian Smith, J.I. Packer, Thomas Bergler, and others (originally aired 05-04-14).


WHI-Classic: Soli Deo Gloria

What does it mean to glorify God, and why did the Reformers make such a fuss about glorifying him alone? On this edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts, along with Dr. James Montgomery Boice, conclude their series on the slogans of the Reformation (originally aired 10-31-93).


WHI-Classic: The Priesthood of All Believers

July 03, 2019 – Many Christians today think that their secular vocations are less spiritual than “full-time Christian ministry.” What is the proper view of mission and vocation? On this program, the hosts discuss these questions as they unpack the Reformation slogan: “The priesthood of all believers” (originally aired 10-24-93).


WHI-Classic: Christ Alone

June 26, 2019 – Some people say that there are many paths to God, while others say that Christ is the only way. Which of these teachings is supported by Scripture? On this edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts discuss “Christ alone” in their continuing series on the slogans of the Reformation (originally aired 10-17-93).


WHI-Classic: Faith Alone

June 19, 2019 – Martin Luther said that the doctrine of justification by faith alone was the article on which the church stands or falls. What do contemporary Protestants think about this doctrine today? On this program, the hosts discuss the Reformation slogan: “Faith alone”(originally aired 10-10-93).


WHI-Classic: Grace Alone

June 12, 2019 – Does God help those who help themselves? Are we acceptable to God on the basis of our own good works? Do we get credit for choosing to follow Christ? On this edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts take a look at the Reformation slogan, “grace alone,” in order to get a better understanding of God’s unmerited favor (originally aired 10-03-93).


WHI-Classic: Scripture Alone

June 05, 2019 – Is the church guided more by worldly wisdom than the text of Scripture? On this edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts begin a new series on the slogans of the Protestant Reformation and discuss how recovering these ideas are crucial for the health of today’s church. The first program in this series features a discussion of the Reformation slogan: “Scripture alone” (originally aired 09-26-93).


WHI-Classic: You Foolish Galatians

May 29, 2019 – The doctrine of justification is the main subject of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. And as he argues, it’s not merely one doctrine among many, but rather one of the crucial components of the Christian Gospel. In fact, Luther argued that justification by faith alone was “the doctrine upon which the church stands or falls.” But how does this doctrine fare in our own day among American Christians? This program aired only a few weeks after the White Horse Inn first began broadcasting nationwide (originally aired 07-18-93).


WHI-Classic: No Other Gospel

May 22, 2019 – Is today’s church confused about the Gospel of Christ? Is it possible that Christian in our day are so preoccupied with living the Christian life that they have lost sight of the redemptive core of the faith? How important is the doctrine of justification by grace alone through faith alone? The hosts will discuss these questions and more on this classic edition of the White Horse Inn (originally aired 07-04-93).


WHI-Classic: Radical Informality

May 15, 2019 – Previous generations wore suits to baseball games. Now many Americans show up at church in blue jeans and T-shirts. How has the cultural shift toward informality affected American Christianity over the last few decades? Join the White Horse Inn hosts as they evaluate the effects of “radical informality” on contemporary Christian thought and practice (originally aired 11-27-05).


WHI-Classic: Christianity & Popular Culture

May 08, 2019 – Americans are addicted to Pop-Culture. But what exactly is popular culture, and how has it affected the way American Christians think about and practice their faith? Joining the White Horse Inn panel for this discussion is Ken Myers, producer of Mars Hill Audio (originally aired 09-20-09).


WHI-Classic: That's Entertainment

May 01, 2019 – In order to attract larger numbers, many churches throughout America have made their services more upbeat and entertaining. On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts examine the history of this confusion between Church and Theatre, as they continue their series “Christless Christianity” (originally aired 02-03-08).



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