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C. S. Lewis and the Intellectual Life

February 24, 2020 | Joshua Schendel

Writing in late 1939, just after the German invasion of Poland, Lewis raised the provocative question to a group of Oxford students whether a ‘life of learning’ should remain a priority when something of the magnitude of world war was so threateningly imminent….

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Friday From the Archives

Recovering the Art of Christian Prudence
by Michael Horton (Volume 9 | Issue 2)

There is always a risk in writing on ethical topics, especially on a subject one has not mastered. But Christian prudence deserves our attention. Let me explain why I think it is such an important issue.

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“We’re Still Here” by Jennifer Silva

February 19, 2020 | John Stovall

Michael Fisher is a muscular twenty-four year old man. As he sits down for the interview, he confesses that “this is probably the first time I’ve left the house without carrying a gun.” He’s been booked on assault charges, even though

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