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If you are a regular listener of White Horse Inn you’ve heard me say, “we can only proclaim the gospel, not live it.” We obey commands, but the gospel is not something we do. The gospel is an announcement. Now, we do live differently in the world, but that isn’t itself the content of the gospel, it is the effect of the gospel.

This is where knowing what you believe and why you believe it matters so much.

Why? Because Christ has already accomplished redemption! The gospel is not a plan for us to execute, or an ideal toward which we strive. We are not extensions of the incarnation, and our work is not redemptive. Jesus has conquered sin, death, and hell, and he calls us as his ambassadors to announce this good news to the world – as part of the Great Commission.

What a freeing message! It is one we need to hear again and again. That is what we do through White Horse Inn, week after week.

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