Justification - Full Audio (pdf & mp3 download)

It is wonderful to know that we are forgiven. It’s even more amazing to
hear that we are justified: accepted by God not only as “not guilty”
but seen by God as if we had completely fulfilled his law. In this
series we’ve been exploring this “great exchange”—our rags for Christ’s
righteousness—and learning how to respond to objections to this glorious
truth. There is more to the conversation then what’s been airing on the
radio and podcast. If your enjoying this series, you can get the full
audio for a donation of any amount.

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I stumbled across your radio program in 2007 and through it God has changed my life. I was saved ten years ago, and until 2007 had only been exposed to non-reformed biblical teaching.

Listener, New England

After listening to so many mixed up pastors and teachers that confused me ‘til I went nuts, you guys have made all the difference in my life. Thank you.

Sandy, Oregon

The White Horse Inn and its sound theological teaching totally transformed my family.

Tesha, Kansas

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