WHI Study Kits

Our Study Kits are perfect for small to medium-sized groups from 5 to 15 people. They can also be used for family devotions or individual study. Each lesson within the study can stand on its own so people can come and go, but it would be more edifying if the members can participate in all of the lessons.

Each study comes with a Leader Guide (.pdf), Group Guide (.pdf), full length audio of the pertinent WHI episodes (.mp3), short WHI audio clips for the lessons (.mp3), and marketing materials including posters and postcards (word .doc).

With a donation of $15 you will be given links to download .zip files containing everything you need to lead your group. This donation includes a license to distribute these materials to your group.

Your zeal to spread the Reformation message in your circles is precisely why we, as an organization, are in existence!

Thank you!

5 Words to Explain God's Love

What’s in a word? A lot! Based on the popular WHI “Romans Revolution” and “A Time for Truth” series, this Study Kit provides an encouraging explanation of God’s love for anyone seeking to know him better.

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The Book of Hebrews

“Fix your eyes on Jesus!” Sounds good, but what exactly is the preacher calling Christians to do? Find out in this WHI Study Kit on the book of Hebrews.

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Do We All Worship the Same God?

If you can’t defend your faith, you will be swallowed up by the “coexist” spirit of this age. This Study Kit equips you to answer the question, “Do we all worship the same God?”

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The Hospitality of God

Eating and drinking with God – Moses did it, Jesus’ disciples did it, and even the church does it. In this Study Kit, we learn that nothing compares to the heavenly feast.

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How To Read Your Bible

Sometimes the Bible is a hard book to understand – especially the Old Testament. This study will help shed some light on how to properly interpret the Bible.

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Is Water Thicker Than Blood?

What exactly is the church and what should it be doing? Explore how membership in God’s family affects a believer’s relationships in the church, home, and world.

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The Parables of Jesus

What is the point of the parables? Is there a moral to the story that we should all look for and attempt to follow? Why did Jesus use this particular method of teaching?

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Signs and Wonders

Should Christians still experience the miraculous signs and wonders that occurred in the book of Acts? Learn how the Holy Spirit works in the church and the individual lives of believers in this WHI Study Kit.

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The Preached Word

With the WHI hosts and many special guests, this study explores the primacy of preaching “Christ and him crucified” from all the Scriptures.

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Who Am I?

What, or who, decides who you are: feelings inside of you, marketing forces outside of you, or God who created you? Discover your true identity with this WHI Study Kit.

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I so appreciate the quality of the study kits you produce. They make the Bible even more accessible to me. I mean it. The kits are really good; they include so much rich content and make leading a discussion group easy.

Paul, Washington


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