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The title of this Study Kit may be offensive to some Christians who have been reading their Bible for decades and believe that they know it better than most. Even so, we feel that this is a worthy topic to take up and to look at more closely. Interpreting Scripture is something we will always have to do because we do not have the mind of God and we need to understand the words he has given us. The problem is that we are sinful and we continually twist the words God has given us – especially to have them say what we want them to say.

This study is divided into two parts. In the first four lessons, the WHI hosts give us principles, categories, and examples of how to properly read, interpret, and apply Scripture. We know that for some this might be completely new, but we hope that these first four lessons will demonstrate that no part of Scripture is “off limits” or too daunting to understand. We can go boldly into every part of God’s Word, having tools in our toolbox to help us along the way.

The last four lessons provide an overview of the Bible story as recounted by Dr. Michael Horton. Through this broad overview of all the Scriptures we can see that it is one drama, but not just any drama. This is a drama written and orchestrated by the Creator God himself who works out all things according to his plan for the redemption of his people.

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