The Evangelism Collection

As we ourselves are trained in theology, and learn to take every thought captive to Christ, we are called to share the good news with our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and relatives. But what are we to share? In our pluralistic culture, we face many objections and difficult questions from others. This collection is meant to assist us in thinking through these questions, exposing arguments that set themselves up against the knowledge of God, and remembering again the objective nature of the gospel, this good news, that we may graciously and lovingly reach out to our neighbors. Download this collection instantly with a gift of $50 or more.

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Justification - Full Audio (pdf & mp3 download)

It is wonderful to know that we are forgiven. It’s even more amazing to hear that we are justified: accepted by God not only as “not guilty” but seen by God as if we had completely fulfilled his law. In this series we’ve been exploring this “great exchange”—our rags for Christ’s righteousness—and learning how to respond to objections to this glorious truth. There is more to the conversation then what’s been airing on the radio and podcast. If your enjoying this series, you can get the full audio for a donation of any amount.

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Gospel of John - Full Audio (pdf & mp3 download)

Join us as we walk verse by verse through John’s Gospel. Along the way, we’ll uncover numerous clues which help to demonstrate the fact that this ancient text is indeed a trustworthy and authentic account of Jesus’ life and ministry, since there is compelling evidence that it was penned by a person who had accurate knowledge of the names, places, and geographical details of early first century Jerusalem. In other words, there are strong reasons to believe that John’s Gospel is real history, rather than some kind of myth, legend, or made-up story. Get all 51 extended-legnth episodes for a donation of $100 or more.

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Soft cover 100-page Gospel of John Bible Study

Now you can help others understand this Gospel and introduce them to Jesus using our brand-new 10-week Bible study from Core Christianity. This workbook is yours for a gift of any amount.

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The Power of the Cross Four-Lesson Devotional (pdf & mp3 download)

The Crucifixion. We say those words an immediately everyone knows what we are talking about. God used the actions of “lawless men” (Acts 2:23) to provide atonement for his people in the broken body and shed blood of the Lamb of God given for the sins of the world (John 1:29). We have combined articles from Modern Reformation magazine, shows from the White Horse Inn broadcast, and questions for further reflection to encourage you to renew your hope in the one crucified who on the third day rose for the forgiveness of sins. Download this four-lesson devotional for a gift of any amount!

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The Good Shepherd Collection (Digital Download - pdf & mp3)

For over 25 years, White Horse Inn radio and podcasts and Modern Reformation
magazine have been trusted voices creating resources loaded with
faithful gospel teaching and encouraging the sheep to connect with
faithful shepherds. Your support by our fiscal-year end, June 30, is critical.

For a gift of $50 or more we’ll send you a links to download The Good Shepherd, a collection of over 10 White Horse Inn programs and 7 Modern Reformation articles.

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Lamb of God Four-Lesson Devotional (Digital Download - pdf & mp3)

Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. And that makes all the difference. White Horse Inn is dedicated to helping the body of Christ “know what they believe and why they believe it.” Having a firm foundation in sound theology will yield Christians who can be salt and light in our shifting culture.

We’ve prepared a special offer for you, a downloadable devotional called “The Lamb of God.” This study contains four lessons including articles from Modern Reformation magazine, shows from the White Horse Inn broadcast, questions for further reflection, and a glossary of terms. This is a gift for a donation of any amount.

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Defending the Faith Collection (Book and Audio Download)

Our newest resources on apologetics to help you “know and share what you believe and why you believe it”

For a gift of $100 or more we’ll send you a soft-cover book of 15 classic articles and interviews from Modern Reformation called Defending the Faith, and an updated audio collection of over 30 radio programs in a downloadable zip file to equip you and other thinking Christians for your apologetic task.

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The Amazing Grace Collection (Digital Download - pdf & mp3)

When people come to understand the law and the gospel, the sufficiency of Christ, and the doctrines of grace, fires are lit and people become excited about learning more from God’s Word. At the end of the day, each broadcast, website, or social media post, and every page of Modern Reformation magazine, is about getting the gospel right and getting it out, resulting in changed lives. Will you support our mission?

As a thank you for your gift of any amount, you’ll receive a special download called “Amazing Grace.” This collection also contains a Lutheran response to Arminianism and contains 10 WHI episodes and 11 MR articles.

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The Great Commission (USB)

Because of our American, “can do” culture, it’s easy to get on the track that the gospel is something we live. We certainly want to get the gospel out. But the truth is, we can’t live the gospel. It’s an announcement. Jesus has conquered sin, death, and hell, and he calls us as his ambassadors to announce this good news to the world – as part of the Great Commission.

Each week, the broadcast and the podcast of White Horse Inn reaches listeners all over the world with biblical truth. Our ability to continue our mission is dependent on the generous donations we receive. Please consider a gift now. As a small non-profit every gift matters. With a donation of $100 or more you will receive The Great Commission USB stick.

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Sustainable Discipleship (USB)

What is real, sustainable discipleship? It doesn’t come from our efforts, but from the discipline of hearing the gospel. It comes from Christ and his merits, received by faith through the ordinary means of God’s grace.

White Horse Inn has been talking about this for over 25 years, and for the first time ever, we’ve made a special collection of some of the best White Horse Inn episodes and Modern Reformation articles on this topic called “Sustainable Discipleship.”

This collection can be yours for a gift of $100 or more. Your support right now is more important than ever. Every gift matters!

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Reforming Worship (USB)

You hear it all the time in seemingly innocent statements like, “God
doesn’t care about how we worship – he just wants the sincerity of our
hearts.” These statements completely miss how God himself commands us to
worship him. When we get mired in a me-centered form of worshiping God, we begin to
believe the lie that God exists solely for our benefit and happiness.

Our mission at White Horse Inn is just that – to point us back to the gospel so that we no longer look to ourselves but to God. We need your help to continue our mission!

As a small
non-profit every gift matters. It is only with your donations that we
can continue to produce our life-changing radio show and magazine. With a
donation of $100 or more you will receive our Reforming Worship USB

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