Your support means more than you can know. Every week I hear about men and women who are wrestling with Scripture in a deeper way, many hearing the doctrines of grace for the first time. Some being freed from a works, “gotta earn it” striving, into a true resting in Christ’s work. Others moving forward from being “anonymous” to serving the body, like Evan:

This past Sunday, your recent series [on Word and Sacrament] has helped inspire me to step forward and volunteer with serving communion at church. As a nervous, introverted guy something like that can seem daunting, but as the Lord’s Supper is an important part of why we are gathered and how you keep highlighting that on your program, that got me motivated to cast aside my nervousness and help serve. And doing so for the first time yesterday, it was an amazing opportunity. Thanks for all you do, and God bless.

Your financial support is part of the chain in bringing about a deeper understanding of the sacraments and a willingness to step out and participate in the life of the church in a new way.

You’ve heard me talk about our deep concern about our current age: a growing militant atheism that outright rejects the gospel; the rise of “nones” – thousands, maybe millions, of young former church-goers who no longer identify with the Christian faith and fade away; and a brand of evangelicalism that increasingly slips into moralism.

This is a real problem – and it is why the White Horse Inn radio show and Modern Reformation magazine exist. We work to help you be firmly rooted and ready to defend the faith.

We partner with you where you are – the home, classroom, business, church – providing sound biblical teaching and cultural reflection rooted in theology. You are a part of this work.

To further help you, we’ve created two new resources: a soft-cover book of 15 classic articles and interviews from Modern Reformation called Defending the Faith, and an all-new audio collection of over 30 radio programs to equip you and other thinking Christians for your apologetic task.

We are making these resources available through a combined book and digital download for your gift of $100 or more. I hope you’ll invest in this work and receive these resources in return.

May God bless us with courage to step in front of the unbelieving world – wherever we are – and bear witness to the incarnate God, Jesus Christ, who died so that we might live.

Serving Him Gladly,

Michael Horton
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, White Horse Inn

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