The Identity of the Beloved Disciple

Series: The Gospel of John Year-Long Series – Published: Sunday, 01 Dec 2019

Hosted by Andreas Kostenberger Craig Blomberg D. A. Carson G. K. Beale Justin Holcomb Lydia McGrew Richard Bauckham Shane Rosenthal

Though most people throughout church history have assumed that the Gospel of John was written by the Apostle John, as we’ve seen throughout our year-long study of this amazing text, this is actually an open question even among conservative scholars. On this special edition of the program, we’ll hear from Richard Bauckham who makes a case that the Fourth Gospel was written by someone known as “John the Elder.” Then D.A. Carson, Andreas Köstenberger, Craig Blomberg, and Lydia McGrew will present their arguments in favor of the traditional view.

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