The Great Exchange

Series: The Great Exchange – Published: Sunday, 03 Jul 2016

Hosted by Justin Holcomb Kim Riddlebarger Michael Horton Rod Rosenbladt

On this program our hosts begin a new series on “The Great Exchange.” What does the Bible mean when it describes Christ’s person and work? How does his work apply to us if it happened so many years ago? Why does it really matter?

What’s at stake is nothing less than the core of the Christian faith. At the heart of the Christian faith is the conviction that Christ not only died for us on the cross, but also that through his death we are given eternal life. Not only did he bear the curse of our sins, but he also grants us his perfect righteousness. On this program the hosts will discuss these issues and more as they introduce their new series on “The Great Exchange.” Join us as we delve into the central truths of Christianity on the White Horse Inn.


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