The Earliest Account of Christ’s Resurrection

Series: Resurrection – Published: Sunday, 13 Mar 2016

Hosted by Craig Parton Kim Riddlebarger Michael Horton Rod Rosenbladt

Countless skeptics in our day continue to claim that the New Testament gospels were written long after Jesus’ crucifixion, and that, as a result, the life of Jesus was embellished over time. The real Jesus, they say, may have been a nice teacher or political revolutionary, but by the time the story was written he was presented as a kind of glorified messiah who had risen from the dead. But there is actually new evidence—confirmed by liberal and conservative scholars alike—that in his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul recites an early Christian creed which goes back to the earliest days of the Jerusalem church. Why are so many scholars convinced of this early date, and what does it say about Jesus? Tune in to find out as the hosts continue their series on The Resurrection.


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