Paul’s Defense of the Faith (Acts, Pt. 10)

Series: The Book of Acts – Published: Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hosted by Ken Jones Kim Riddlebarger Michael Horton Rod Rosenbladt

The religions of the world teach doctrines that are believed to be timeless eternal truths.  They contain moral and ethical instructions, which if applied, will place adherents on the path to the good life here and now, and possibly nirvana in the next.  But according to the Apostle Paul in his numerous speeches in defense of the Christian faith recorded in the book of Acts, the Christian faith is not a program of life improvement founded on timeless truths, but is rather a truth claim associated with particular historical events.  The hosts will unpack the significance of this important distinction on this edition of the program as the wrap up their brief survey of the book of Acts.


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