By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone

Series: – Published: Sunday, 11 Sep 2011

Hosted by Craig Parton Kim Riddlebarger Michael Horton Rod Rosenbladt

Regardless of the denomination, most Christians would argue that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a free gift of God’s grace and mercy that no one deserves.  Both by his righteous life and sacrificial death, Jesus provides for us what we cannot provide for ourselves.  But at this point some argue that the free gift of God’s grace still has to be “accepted,” and that it is on the basis of our embracing the gospel that we are saved.  So what do you think?  Are we saved by “choosing” to follow Christ?  Is believing in Jesus the “one work” we have to do in order to get to heaven?  The hosts discuss these questions and more as they interact with Ephesians 2.

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