American Gospel: Christ Crucified

Series: – Published: Sunday, 05 Apr 2020

Hosted by Brandon Kimber Shane Rosenthal

On this program Shane Rosenthal talks with writer and director Brandon Kimber about his American Gospel documentary series. His first film, American Gospel: Christ Alone, explored the problem of moralistic preaching and issues related to the prosperity gospel. His new documentary, American Gospel: Christ Crucified, focuses on the nature of Christ’s atonement and presents a running dialogue between advocates of progressive forms of Christianity with a variety of more traditional Reformation perspectives.

To watch a free one hour version of the first documentary in the American Gospel series, click here. To watch a teaser of Brandon’s most recent documentary, American Gospel: Christ Crucified, click here. See also the recent White Horse Inn blog piece: Brandon Kimber on the Coronavirus & the Prosperity Gospel.

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