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WHI-1522 • Greed, Heresy, & the Prosperity

In his second letter, Peter warns believers that “there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies. Because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed, and in their greed they will exploit you.” According Costi Hinn, author of God, Greed and the (Prosperity) Gospel, and nephew of televangelist Benny Hinn, this is a good description of what’s currently going on inside the world of the prosperity gospel. Mike Horton and Adriel Sanchez talk with Costi about his experiences, and he is joined by Michael Cerullo, grandson of televangelist Morris Cerullo.

Host: Shane Rosenthal, Michael Horton, Adriel Sanchez, Costi Hinn, & Michael Cerullo

Why I Left Islam: The Story of Fikret Bocek

Fikret Bocek converted to Christianity from a Muslim background, and he now serves as the pastor of a Protestant church in Izmir, Turkey. On this episode, we’ll be talking with him about why he left Islam, as well as some of the interesting experiences he’s had over the past decade preaching the gospel in a predominantly Muslim context. Fikret and his wife were also recently hospitalized after testing positive for the coronavirus, and we’ll be talking to him about those experiences as well.

Host: Shane Rosenthal & Fikret Bocek

Abdu Murray on Islam & Christian Apologetics

As a proud Muslim, Abdu Murray enjoyed sparring with people of other faiths. But when he was eventually confronted with the evidence for Christ’s death and resurrection, he allowed that truth to be eclipsed by the losses he might suffer as a result of his conversion. After years of indecision, he eventually concluded that the Christian gospel was worth dying for. Abdu Murray now serves as the Senior Vice President of RZIM and is the author of Grand Central Question, Saving Truth, and most recently Seeing Jesus from the East, which he co-wrote with Ravi Zacharias. On this episode, Shane Rosenthal talks with Abdu about his long conversion process and his insights in the realm of apologetics.

Host: Shane Rosenthal & Abdu Murray

Abdu Murray on Life in a Post-Truth Culture

According to Abdu Murray, “We don’t care about the truth if it gets in the way of our personal preferences.” In fact, he says, “if the evidence fits our preferences and opinions, then all is well and good. If it doesn’t, then the evidence is deemed inadmissible or offensive, with offense being a kind of solvent against otherwise sound arguments.” On this program, Shane Rosenthal continues his conversation with former Muslim Abdu Murray, author of Grand Central Question, Saving Truth, and Seeing Jesus from the East, which he co-wrote with Ravi Zacharias.

Host: Shane Rosenthal & Abdu Murray


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