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The Secularization of Virtue, Shame & Identity

As they attempt to fill the void left by religion, many people in today’s culture are increasingly finding their identity and purpose in things such as dating, parenting, eating or voting. Is it possible that these things have now become vehicles of our own self-justification? On this program, Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez discuss this issue with David Zahl, author of Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It.

Host: Shane Rosenthal, Michael Horton, Adriel Sanchez, & David Zahl

Virtue Signaling & The Culture of Busyness

According to David Zahl, “Our religious crisis today is not that religion is on the wane, but that we are more religious than ever, and about too many things. We may be sleeping in on Sunday mornings in greater numbers, but we’ve never been more pious.” On this edition of the program the hosts continue their conversation with David as they focus on the contemporary quest for self-justification in work, technology, politics and the overall spirit of “performance-ism.”

Host: Shane Rosenthal, Michael Horton, Adriel Sanchez, & David Zahl

What Does Your Neighbor Believe?

We frequently talk on this program about the importance of “knowing what you believe and why you believe it.” But it’s also really important to understand what your neighbors believe, particularly in our increasingly pluralistic culture. On this program Shane Rosenthal talks with Adam Duker about his interest in comparative religion, and his experience teaching this subject among a predominantly Muslim student body at the American University of Cairo. How did his students react when they learned about the Christian doctrine of “justification by grace through faith”? Tune in to find out!

Host: Shane Rosenthal & Adam Duker

What Do Hindus Really Believe?

In secular West, there seems to be an increasing interest in a variety of Hindu concepts such as karma or reincarnation. But what are the consequences of these doctrines for those who live in a predominantly Hindu culture? On this program Shane Rosenthal talks with a Christian thinker who wishes to remain anonymous due to the threat of what he refers to as the rise of “militant Hinduism” in his home country.

Host: Shane Rosenthal & Special Guest


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