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WHI-1526 • Post-Christian

Today’s post-Christian culture is running into dead ends and fatal contradictions. For example, many people today believe that gender is a matter of subjective preference rather than objective biological considerations. But can we apply this idea to a person’s age? Can a man identify as a 15-year-old boy when he’s really 50? Shane Rosenthal recently asked people on the street what they thought about this and other related issues, and he discusses their answers with special guest, Gene Veith, author of Post-Christian: A Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture.

Host: Featuring: Shane Rosenthal & Gene Veith

WHI-1527 • Is Jesus History?

Unlike most religions, Christianity gambles its plausibility on certain datable events. Jesus not only died for our sins, but he “suffered under Pontius Pilate.” Most of our churches, however, end up focusing on the practical and therapeutic aspects of faith, and rarely, if ever, address questions related to “the Jesus of history.” So how can we be sure that Jesus ever really existed in the first place, or whether the Gospels can be trusted as authentic eyewitness reports? Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions and more with John Dickson, author of Is Jesus History?

Host: Featuring: Shane Rosenthal & John Dickson

WHI-1528 • The Untold Story of Purgatory

For centuries Protestants have rejected the doctrine of purgatory, claiming that it’s taught nowhere in Scripture and that it actually undermines crucial doctrines related to Christ’s all-sufficient sacrifice. Because he suffered in our place and died for our sins “once for all” (Heb. 10:10), Christians have no need of any additional purging or purification. So how and when did the doctrine of purgatory develop, and what sort of changes is this doctrine currently undergoing in the world of Catholicism? Shane Rosenthal discusses this issue with Michael McClymond, author of The Devil’s Redemption.

Host: Featuring: Shane Rosenthal & Michael McClymond

WHI-1529 • Near Death Experiences

Every year it seems a new book or movie is released that recounts an individual’s brief tour of heaven. Are there any common threads that emerge when evaluating the history of these kinds of reports? What should we believe about the afterlife, and how do stories like these compare with what we find Scripture? On this program Shane Rosenthal talks again with St. Louis University professor Michael McClymond about how the reporting of near-death experiences have shaped, and continue to shape, contemporary views of the afterlife.

Host: Featuring: Shane Rosenthal & Michael McClymond


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