From: Jeff
To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Thank you

Thank you, Dr. Horton and your staff, for your excellent broadcast on "Christless Christianity." You and your guests hit the nail squarely on the head. There is so much of this in today's church that it is difficult for believers to know where to turn. It was a great relief to hear your broadcast and to learn that our family and friends are not alone. We are hearing these things from the pulpit of our own church and have been troubled about it for some time, yet have found it difficult to clearly define or state why we were troubled. Please keep up the good work.

We think there are many believers like us who are trying to cope with this deluge of what I call the "hollow sermons" - the preacher says all the right things, and uses the right theological terminology, but the words are hollowed out shells with no meaning -- or at least no scriptural meaning -- behind them.

Thank you and may God bless your broadcast.