To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: grateful

Dear WHI,

Thank you so much for your weekly program. I have been listening to WHI for several years now and cannot tell you how much I have benefitted from learning from you. The last 4-5 programs have been especially helpful. I feel like I need to listen to them a second time and take notes.

I have been on staff with The Navigators for several years now, and have sought to help others grow, based on the theology of the Reformation. Over the past year, I have taught 2 Church History courses at my home church- one was an overview of Church History and then the second was on The Reformation. Both of these classes were taught with the Solas of the Reformation framing each lecture and were heavily influenced by the wonderful truths I have learned from your program. I basically use church history to "unpack" the simple gospel and to show its ramifications on all of life- that God alone may ultimately be glorified. I cannot think of a better way to "disciple" people, which is what the Navigators are all about.

I cannot tell you how hungry the men, women and children (!) were to hear these things! God is working in my little corner of the world (southern Ohio and West Virginia), and I am deeply grateful to you and to our majestic God for how he has raised you all up for His Kingdom and glory.

With all my heart, Mr. Rosenbladt, Mr. Horton, Mr. Jones and Mr. Riddlebarger, thank you for your labor in the Lord. It is not in vain.