To: staff@whitehorseinn
Subject: Sunday night's broadcast

Dear Mike, I have been involved in teaching the Bible for many years through Bible Study Fellowship. I was listening to your broadcast for the very first time as I was driving Sunday night and was compelled to comment on your show. Unfortunately, I was absolutely astonished at the "clips" from pastors at a convention regarding their teaching of doctrine and "use" of "churchy words"!!! Please give a big "THANK YOU" to your guests for their commitment to the BIBLE and God's use of "churchy words". I had to agree with your guests that most of those pastors should be fired for their willful disobedience to the call that God has given them. Your program confirmed for me the absolute necessity to support and stand firm on the TRUTHFUL teaching of doctrine and the responsibility to "define" these Biblical terms to our congregations and students of the Bible. I actually arrived home Sunday night and located your website on my computer to finish listening to the program. May God bless your ministry and bring forth much fruit!

Thank you, Thank you,
A new dedicated listener,