From: Ed
To: staff *at*
Subject: Thanks for all the hard work!

I have a good friend who immigrated from India several years ago and who is "searching". His wife is a practicing Hindu and he is a very confused, but leaning toward Islam. His impression of Christianity encompass every modern error that we see in too many local congregations. We sat down one afternoon and listened to "The Person of Christ: A Matter of History or Faith? (program 840) and the bonus track "Apologetics, Theology & Legal Reasoning" by Dr. John Warwick Montgomery. He was quite surprised that Christians can and should use their minds. We have listened to several other programs, examined scripture and have continued to have great conversations.

It is wonderful to have resources form people of different traditions who are united on the essentials and who are able to articulate our faith. I am often concerned that when I talk with people about the richness and depth of Christianity, they think that I am introducing them to some new interpretation of Christianity. I use the WHI and Modern Ref to show them that this is historic Christianity and I didn't dream it up. Your work is an outstanding resource!

Providentially, my friend has lost his driver's license for 6 months because of serious health conditions. He phoned me the other day and told me that he had bad news for me. He explained that he couldn't drive, so I asked him how that was bad news for me. He replied that because I was his friend, I would have to drive him around town. I responded that I would be happy to help him, but I listen to the WHI when I drive and I have no intention of turning it off. He said that that was no problem.