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The Ascension
May/June 2016

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"In this Issue"

By: Eric Landry

The Christian church has been waiting for the return of Christ longer than Israel waited for his first appearing.Read more



"Goin’ Up to the Spirit in the Sky?"

By: Matthew Barrett

In 1970, Warner Brothers sold over two million records of the catchy tune, “Spirit in the Sky.” A one-hit wonder, Norman Greenbaum’s song proved to be a classic.Read more





"Christianity and Culture: God's Double Sovereignty"

By: Gene Edward Veith

Most of the world's faiths are cultural religions. Hinduism, with its caste system and social rituals, is inextricably tied to the culture of India. Islam seeks to apply the Koranic law to every detail of society and so creates a specific culture, as evident throughout the Middle East. Tribal religions mythologize tribes' customs, history, and social organization. Secular sociologists go so far as to define religion as a means of sanctioning the social order.Read more