What Happens When We Take Christ Out Of Christianity?

In 2008, we addressed the issue of “Christless Christianity” in its numerous forms and its effect on the contemporary church landscape. As I see it, evangelical Christianity in North America—and indeed the rest of the world—is at a crucial juncture. On one hand, many younger believers have grown dissatisfied with the shallow consumerism of their parents’ generation and the way that played out in church.

We are here not merely to critique and sound the alarm, but rather to host the dialogues; to be the catalyst for conversations that bring knowledge and understanding in the central truths that unite and build up. We are not only introducing people to a rich history of Christian truth and witness, we are encouraging them to become part of actual churches where this is a living reality.

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Thank you, Dr. Horton and your staff, for your excellent broadcast on "Christless Christianity." You and your guests hit the nail squarely on the head. There is so much of this in today's church that it is difficult for believers to know where to turn. We are hearing these things from the pulpit of our own church and have been troubled about it for some time, yet have found it difficult to clearly define or state why we were troubled. Please keep up the good work.


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