My colleague Eric Landry, executive editor of Modern Reformation, recently made a keen observation: “Sadly, beyond a few key facts about Christianity, and a testimony to the personal effect of believing in Jesus in their own lives, many modern Christians are unable to speak to those who stand outside their own religious circles.”

This is a real problem – and it is why the White Horse Inn radio show and Modern Reformation magazine exist. We work to help you be firmly rooted and ready to defend the faith.

To further help you, we’ve created two new resources: a soft-cover book of 15 classic articles and interviews from Modern Reformation called Defending the Faith, and an all-new audio collection of over 30 radio programs to equip you and other thinking Christians for your apologetic task.

We are making these resources available through a combined book and digital download for your gift of $100 or more. I hope you’ll invest in this work and receive this series in return.

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