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What happens when we take Christ out of Christianity?

Evangelical Christianity in North America – and indeed the rest of the world – is at a crucial juncture. On one hand, many younger believers have grown dissatisfied with the shallow consumerism of their parents’ generation and the way it played out in their churches. Many are growing weary of God as a personal shopper, therapist, and entertainer or life coach. Some are drifting from a high view of Scripture and creedal Christianity in favor of an eclectic spirituality; others are attracted to Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions. However, many are putting their toe in the pool of the Reformation – and some are diving into the deep end. We’re right there, engaging these young believers on the move, introducing them to the rich resources of the Reformation and calling them to invest their life and time in local churches that will build them up in the faith.

In these episodes, the White Horse Inn hosts are your guide to understanding and identifying a big problem in the American church: the creeping fog of countless sermons in churches across the country that focus on moralistic concerns and personal transformation rather than the theology of the cross. Christ has gotten lost in the shuffle as we invert Paul’s warnings by intentionally preaching ourselves, and not Christ crucified.

This *MP3 CD is loaded with more than 40 extended-length episodes of White Horse Inn and more than a dozen articles from Modern Reformation. Our “usual cast of characters” diagnose the problem of Christless Christianity, then they help us to rediscover the power of Gospel-centered preaching, worship, and discipleship that enables Christians to grow in grace.

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