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Has White Horse Inn been a blessing to you? If so, please help us with a financial gift so we can continue to create more multi-media resources for you to share. Your donation will help us explore new programming ideas, create new and improved media platforms, and expand our international outreach.


C.S. Lewis famously remarked that “mere Christianity” is like a hallway. In this hallway, real conversations between Christians of different confessional convictions can begin and develop over time as we emerge from our different rooms to speak of Christ and his gospel to one another.

For over twenty years, White Horse Inn has hosted this conversation in the spirit of that great hallway of “mere Christianity.” Every week, our hosts emerge from the rooms of their different traditions to engage with one another, and a nationwide audience, to bring the rich resources of the Reformation to bear on American evangelicalism.

White Horse Inn is pleased to present selections from our twenty years of broadcasting. Through these 20 episodes plus extensive bonus material, you will come to appreciate that the Reformation isn’t just a golden age for which we should long, but a vast treasure-house filled with resources to help move the church toward a second Reformation, a “modern Reformation.”

With your donation of $100.00, we will send you this *MP3 CD celebrating 20 years of broadcasting White Horse Inn. The *MP3 CD includes 20 classic episodes plus extensive bonus material including: the pilot episode, the Robert Schuller interview, spoof commercials, and the Dad Rod Christmas Special along with outtakes and bloopers.

To review everything that is on this *MP3 CD download this pdf

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*Note that an MP3 CD will play on a computer and the audio files can be downloaded individually on your computer or to iTunes.  In order to play in your car or on a CD player it must be player that can recognize and play MP3 CDs


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