The Campaign for Core Christianity

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Why this campaign and why now?

THE SENIOR STAFF AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS at White Horse Inn have been putting a plan in place that essentially challenges “Christless Christianity” here and abroad.

THAT’S WHY we’ve launched

The Gospel is nothing less than “the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes…” (Romans 1:16). Not even the gates of hell can prevail against the Church as believers become confident in the truths of God’s Word.

Today we stand at a historic crossroad. The joy, hope, and confidence of Jesus Christ that comes from this Gospel is rapidly disappearing under the crush of a culture of disbelief. Many don’t know what they believe or why they believe it. We often respond by making the Church more like the world, or channeling the latest marketing gimmicks instead of focusing on what Christ has accomplished.

With The Campaign for Core Christianity, White Horse Inn is dedicated to helping the body of Christ transform their story from being about themselves to being about God.

When we understand what the Bible teaches, we can all find ourselves in God’s story.


THE FIRST PILLAR is called, “Curate.” Our team is pulling together the best theological resources that we have developed over the last 25 years to stock an online portal with these trustworthy resources. It will be theologically balanced, easy to navigate, and packed with easy-to-access media content.

THE SECOND PILLAR is called, “Create.” We want to do more than extend and amplify repurposed content from our archives. So, we’ll be developing Bible studies that connect with believers at any level, from those merely exploring the Bible to those passionately committed to in-depth study. Anyone with a smart-phone or tablet anywhere in the world can access these free resources; we’ll also structure them so that church classes and neighborhood groups can learn together online and in person.

THE THIRD PILLAR is called, “Communicate.” We believe that we must use all means possible to communicate the transforming message of Christ here at home and around the world. We cannot wait any longer for the world to come to us; the time has come to take the truth to the world. We’re already at work developing multi-media content, weekend conferences in partnership with churches, and targeted teaching trips called The Global Theological Initiative to help pastors, evangelical leaders, and educators overseas not just understand “The Core” themselves but also teach it to the next generation.


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