Why Sacred Space Matters

Friday, 01 May 1998

There is no place for either materialism or spiritualism. It is neither matter over mind nor mind over matter--the former a "high church" tendence, while the latter reflects the often rationalistic "low church" bent, which reduces worship to information, education and exhortation.
As C. S. Lewis' oft-repeated line has it, "God likes matter. He invented it." Christianity has always affirmed God's own verdict concerning the work of his hands. Human work (vocation) was established before the Fall as an expression of the image-bearing status of the Great King's royal servant. The principle of flourishing, which God had encoded into the natural world, was also given to humanity: "Be fruitful and multiply, subduing the earth." It was not a matter of using, raping, and pillaging the earth, but of taming ...

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