Who Was Arminius?

Friday, 01 May 1992

For Arminius, God's grace is essential and necessary, but is not absolutely efficacious. Man's response to grace remains the final, decisive factor in salvation.
James Arminius (Jacob Harmenszoon) is undoubtedly the most famous theologian ever produced by the Dutch Reformed Church. His fame is a great irony since the Dutch Reformed Church historically was a bastion of strict Calvinism, and Arminius has given his name to a movement very much in opposition to historic Calvinism. Who was this Arminius? What did he teach? Are the differences between Calvinism and Arminianism important today? Who Was Arminius? Arminius was born in 1559 in Oudewater – a small city in the province of Holland. Holland was one of seventeen prosperous provinces then known as ...


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