When World Denial Becomes Worldliness

Sunday, 01 Mar 1992

Such thinking causes us to reject our responsibility as stewards of creation, and keeps us from admitting that Christ is Lord over every part of his creation.
Like the ancient Gnostics faced by the early church, today’s society has adopted an escapist, anti-materialistic, anti-intellectual, anti-institutional, anti-sacramental spirituality. This tendency has been evident both in the secular, Greek strain of Western history (Plato, Neoplatonism, etc.) and in the religious adaptations of that strain (mysticism, much of monasticism, the abundance of taboos designed to keep believers from the world). The early name for this mixture of Christianity and pagan, anti-material mysticism was “Gnosticism,” and according to Marylin Ferguson, a New Age guru, Gnosticism is the fountain of contemporary mysticism. (1)</...

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