What ECT II Ignores: The Inseparable Link Between Imputation and the Gospel

Thursday, 02 Aug 2007

Purgatory and sola fide are utterly incompatible. As long as purgatory remains on the table, sola fide and the Gospel remain on the table with it. If we are justified solely on the grounds of the imputed righteousness of Christ, that justification can be neither augmented nor diminished.
Has the term "evangelical" become hopelessly diluted? All words, including those that serve as shorthand theological labels, are subject to the shifts of linguistic evolution. As every student of lexicography knows, word definitions are forged not only upon the anvil of etymology but are tempered in the crucible of contemporary usage. Thus, to determine what a word means one must look not only to the past but also, and especially, to the present. "Evangelical": Past and Present Etymologically the word "evangelical" is derived from the New Testament word for &...

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