Theology from the Bottom Up, God from the Top Down

Thursday, 30 Aug 2007

The real problem with a pluralistic gospel which claims that all are saved in principle is this: It has nothing to say to those who need good news most. While the light of such a principle may shine brightly in prosperity, it must inevitably be dimmed by misfortune, obscured by pain, and extinguished by death.
If I were Hindu, a turbulent airplane flight would be enough to make me reconsider my polytheism. To which god would I turn for my deliverance? Kali? Ganesha? Vishnu? I suppose I would be at least thankful that my gods were distinguished by function rather than territory. There would be no announcement that we were flying over the left bank of the Ganges River and entering Krishna's airspace. No, the Hindu gods are not said to be limited by territory. But then which one is responsible for air travel? Which one did the old stories identify as the ...

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