The Word Proclaimed: Romans 10 and How the Gospel Comes

Monday, 16 Jul 2007

Judging by practice, many Protestant churches apparently believe (despite Calvin's insistence on weekly communion) that the Sacraments can be foregone, even for a long time, without worship being injured. And according to some, even preaching can be set aside. But I wonder if a service might be canceled if we lost electricity during a storm. Thus we discover how we have made music a means, not even of "grace," but of climbing, ascending, grasping....
Proposed: God has promised to save and keep his people through the means he has appointed and through no others; the ordinary means of grace are limited to the preached Word and the administered Sacraments; God's rationale for these means is made explicit in Scripture. This thesis, which was so widely accepted as to be almost taken for granted by many Protestants in the past, somehow looks remarkably controversial in our day. Remarkably, some professing evangelicals apparently believe that God can be found apart from any means, if only people will look ...

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