The Importance of Theology In Marriage: It Takes More Than Love To Keep Us Together

Wednesday, 01 Mar 1995

Think of how many sermons the average parishioner has had to endure on Ephesians 5 in which the minister waxes authoritatively on the proper "roles" within marriage; yet, more often than not, this is done without ever so much as mentioning the first two-thirds of that book, which spell out the entire theological basis for our relationship to God and one another!
Most readers of Modern Reformation are well aware of the steady "drift" by evangelical Protestants in this country away from their historical moorings. And, sadly, the widespread doctrinal ignorance within the church today is not the only proof that American evangelicalism has become, for the most part, a ship without a rudder. Despite all the banter about traditional family values, it would seem that marriage and family life among American evangelicals does not fare much better than our theology. Recent surveys show that evangelicals are just as likely to divorce, and almost as likely to ...

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