So What Does the Bible Tell Me About History?

Wednesday, 08 Aug 2007

Since God has revealed himself not simply in deed but also in word, providing authoritative commentary not only on his own actions but on the actions of human beings as they figure in the sweep of history, the Bible requires a measure of literary competence of those who would read its theological history appropriately.
Whenever discussions of the authority and reliability of the Bible arise, questions of history and historicity take center stage. There is nothing surprising in this, for Christianity is by its very nature a historical religion. As contemporary German theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg stresses, "The Christian religion exists, in distinction from other belief systems, by virtue of its relationship to a historical figure and that figure's particular story." (1) The figure is, of course, Jesus. And his story is of a sinless life, a wonder-working ministry, death by crucifixion, and a ...

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