"Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters" by N.T. Wright

Tuesday, 01 May 2012

Wright is frequently criticized for soft-peddling sin or, at least, minimizing its significance in New Testament soteriology. Not so in Simply Jesus. Conversations about sin are frank and yield correlations between the Passover lamb of the exodus and Jesus himself as "the great sacrifice."
Simply Jesus is simply wonderful. This is N. T. Wright's best popular-level book since The Challenge of Jesus, eclipsing its sister publication Simply Christian in every way. As a precursor to the highly anticipated How God Became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels (HarperOne, 2012), Tom Wright first sets the stage with a full, yet entirely accessible, introduction to Jesus, the world's rightful king who has come to reclaim God's earthly kingdom. But while this is not a dogmatic work on Christology ...

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