Not By Faith Alone: The Roman Catholic Doctrine of Justification: Interview with Robert Sungenis

Friday, 31 Aug 2007

The Catholic church also believes that if you do not do the works, that is, you sin, then you can lose your justification.
In March 2007, Michael Horton interviewed Dr. Robert Sungenis, president of Catholic Apologetics International for the past fourteen years and author of several books on Roman Catholicism, including the best-selling Not By Faith Alone: A Biblical Study of the Catholic Doctrine of Justification (Queenship, 1997). Michael Horton: Robert, can you give us some background on how you became Roman Catholic?Robert Sungenis: I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church even before Vatican II, as a matter of fact, and so I know the Roman Catholic faith. At age 19, I ...

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