My Father’s World

Sunday, 01 Mar 1992

The Reformation is regarded by the consensus of secular historians as the most decisive moment in the social and cultural transformation of Europe into the "modern age."
Where are today’s Rembrandts, Bachs, Durers, Miltons, Handels, Bunyans, Herberts, and Donnes, the great believing scientists, spokespersons for liberty, justice, education, and the simple workers and home-builders who translated the Reformation’s God-centered theory into daily practice? Columbia University historian, Eugene F. Rice, observes that the Reformation brings us face to face with “the gulf between the secular imagination of the twentieth century and the sixteenth-century’s intoxication with the majesty of God.” (1) “This world is not my home: I’m just ‘a passin’ through.” Those are familiar ...


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