Missionalism, Church Style

Friday, 29 Apr 2011

In a word, while all believers are called to faithfully glorify God by fulfilling their earthly callings, it is not incumbent upon them to also fulfill the Great Commission. That holy task is given to men set apart from worldly endeavors'men who, like Paul, are "separated to the gospel of God" (Rom. 1:1, NKJV).
Even the least traveled among us understands that there are such things as cultural "no-nos" that one would be wise to avoid. Wearing a Los Angeles Lakers jersey in South Boston would be one example (albeit a commendable and heroic one to be sure). In the world of American evangelicalism, one of the most offensive expletives that one can utter in mixed company is the word "Calvinism," for in the minds of many the term is synonymous with a failure’and even a refusal’to evangelize. After all, we hear that if God has elected ...

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