Gnostic Worship

Tuesday, 14 Aug 2007

We must reject the American Religion, with its belief in "God" a uniquely American deity who has no theological definition. Whether worshipped by the liberals as the "Benevolent Spirit," or by evangelicals as the mascot for America and moral virtue, or by charismatics as the power-source for higher spiritual experience, this idol must be pulled down from every high place.
Americans are often accused by foreigners of expressing a "greasy familiarity," even with people they have met for the first time. Similarly, there is a greasy familiarity inherent to Gnosticism, based on the belief that we have direct and immediate access to God whenever and however we want. Whenever the children in the public school pray to whomever and however, God has to hear, and whenever sincere people gather in a building to worship according to their own personal tastes and opinions, God is impressed that we took the time and cared enough to worship from our ...


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