Covenant Theology Illustrated: Romans 5 on the Federal Headship of Adam and Christ

Saturday, 01 Jul 2000

The covenant of works was a covenant imposing personal obligation upon Adam....In the covenant of grace, however, the essential character is substitution of the Mediator who himself fulfills its terms exactly and takes upon himself the curses of the broken covenant on behalf of others.
Understanding Covenant Theology Let me make a bold assertion about Covenant theology: It is not incidental to Reformed theology-it is Reformed theology. In the United States, the debate with Dispensationalism in the twentieth century led many to define Covenant theology more narrowly as "Not-Dispensationalism." Consequently, Covenant theology's scope for many was narrowed to the relation of Old Testament Israel with the New Testament church. But it is much more extensive and, frankly, more interesting than this. Covenant theology is as vast as any systematic theology, touching ...

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