Believers' Baptism: More than American Individualism

Monday, 06 Aug 2007

Where Westminster sees the covenant dispensed through Baptism which may be administered not only to those who personally profess faith in Christ but also to infants, the Baptists restrict Baptism to "those who do actually profess repentance towards God, faith in, and obedience to our Lord Jesus."
On January 5, 1527, at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Felix Manz was drowned to death in the icy waters of the Limmat River by order of the Zurich City Council. He had been identified as "one of the real beginners and chief promoters" of the Anabaptist movement. By his own admission he had (re)baptized a woman in Embrach and declared that, if released, he would do the same kind of thing again. (1) A month after Manz's execution, a group of Anabaptists issued the Schleitheim Confession in which ...

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