"A Little Manual for Knowing" by Esther Lightcap Meek

Monday, 31 Aug 2015

'This speaks to Meek's notion that knowledge is not only a gift but also a pilgrimage that she likens to a dance: 'We move to and fro in conversations, in growing understanding, in growing solidarity and mutual trust.''
Over the past few years, Esther Meek, a professor of philosophy at Geneva College in Pennsylvania, has joined a great fellowship of intellectuals who have come to challenge the notion that knowledge is prepackaged information that passively exists in an upper realm waiting to be plucked by a mildly inquisitive individual’static, impersonal, cold. Helping to correct our defective epistemic setting by appropriating scientist-philosopher Michael Polyani’s ‘subsidiary-focal integration’ model, Meek makes the case that knowing is the process of working through subsidiaries’what in Longing to Know, her first major work, Meek refers to as clues’...

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