Letter From: Mark

Dear Mike, "Dad" Rod, Ken & Kim,

I've been a listener since 1997 when you were on 1100 AM KFAX S.F. CA. At that time I was in the Found and Lost Basket of confused converts. Then I said to myself one day after work I said "self" turn on the radio and see (hear) some more Christian Confusion or in the Greek - bologna-and alas I hear Rod's voice saying we don't know where to send people to hear God's word being rightly divided." Instantly my ears perked up. He was speaking about The Law and The Gospel. It was a Sunday and your show was 15 min. from 3:00 pm to 3:15, I couldn't wait until next Sunday so I called the phone number given and still have the cassette series 2 tapes one Mike and the other Rod entitled The Law and The Gospel. At that time I wasn't even attending a church. Being born and raised Roman Catholic then born again in an Assembly of God Church that I now term a Partial Birth Abortion ReBirth. You know The Toungues Thing. Law, Gospel, Law, or Law, Gospel, Tongues then your in. I even tried faking tongues LA LALA Shala him to LA boob A LA. I even found myself laying on the floor in front of the pulpit after a voice of a man behind me said "don't worry we'll catch you" as I resisted the push of the pastor. So when I got your tape series I listened to them over and over...And with Luther I can say as I read my Bible, Romans and Galatians, the Gospel leaped off the pages, and the Gates of Heaven opened and I entered in. I still have those tapes and many more from these years, and grace was revealed to me. But I tested it! I took the ball and ran towards Hell. Fell back into every sin I had during and before grace, and then some. I spent 5 yrs plus "In Vegas" not just a weekend as you (Mike) joked about the prodigal son did. I said "How about this God? Do you love me now? Yes? Well then how about this? Do you love me now? Yes! For years I tested Lord thy God and the answer kept coming back "Yes I still love you Mark."

Well what else could I do but start loving him back. As Rod said when we focus on growth and maturity we get worser (bad grammar I know but that's how I talk. I don't spill good either). But as Rod said and I've learned to be true that if we focus on the cross, when we're not looking some growth and maturity comes. So after God passed my test (if I dare say) I told myself I said "self" I think I can go back to a church again now that I know the truth. I've tried almost all of them and I can agree with Kim when he said that it's hard to tell who's in the zoo. I guess I'll call myself a Roman Presbacostal Bapto-lic-Reformed! ... Mike, on one of the CD's I have (being an Innkeeper) a gal called the show Ioda was her name ( I hope I spilled it right). But she critisized you guys saying something to the affect of "Instead of critiqueing the bad preaching of todays churches why aren't you guys just preaching", and you said "because this isn't a church, this is not where you come to get your food." Well Mike I have to agree that the White Horse Inn is not a church but it's the only place I have to get fed... thank you and your co hosts for your boldness in speaking out against today's American heresies and pharisies, protestant Liberalists, pragmatists, palageonism, and the rest. The world needs W.H.I... I hope to meet and perhaps even study under your guidance some day at Westminster Seminary.