WHI-1478 | The Triumphal Entry

Sunday, 04 Aug 2019


What is the significance of the fact that Christ made his triumphal procession into Jerusalem in humility, riding on a donkey? What do Jesus’ actions on this occasion tell us about himself and the kingdom he came to inaugurate? Also, what Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in this important scene? Join us as the hosts discuss these questions and more as they work their way through chapter 12 of the Gospel of John.


Show Quote

Jeff Mallinson: “You know, the problem with truth is easily understood if you recognize that reality is reality. And the reason it’s so complicated is because we have so many real clever ways of escaping reality, lying to ourselves and that sort of thing. I tell my students theology is defense against the dark arts. It’s a way for us to say, what are the basic things that we need to cling to, to make sure that we don’t misread the text, but theology can’t replace the text.”


Term to Learn

“Old (Mosaic) Covenant”

God’s covenant with Israel on Sinai had terms on which the covenant rested. As long as the terms were kept, the covenant lasted. But if the terms were violated, the covenant was broken and needed to be renewed or replaced with a new covenant. God was very clear that the blessings he promised to Israel were based on Israel’s obedience to his law. God would give Israel long and blessed life in the Promised Land if they obeyed, but he would curse them with exile if they disobeyed.

The Old Covenant was temporary and typological of the better and permanent New Covenant that was to come.

(Adapted from Michael G. Brown and Zach Keele, Sacred Bond, pp. 108–109)



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