WHI-1469 | The Bread of Life

Sunday, 02 Jun 2019


Throughout our current series on the Gospel of John, we’ve encountered numerous parallels to the story of the Israelite exodus from Egypt. For example, Jesus is presented throughout this Gospel as the ultimate sacrificial lamb, the true and final tabernacle, and the source of living water. Additional parallels to the exodus are explored in this episode as the hosts arrive at John chapter 6, in which Jesus miraculously feeds multitudes in the wilderness and proclaims himself to be the true manna that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.


Show Quote

Adriel Sanchez: Jesus isn’t the “walking E.R. room.” He’s not like “just let bread rain all day.” No. He’s trying to communicate that he’s the Bread of Life. He’s the one who raises the dead.

Shane Rosenthal: That’s the key here. He is the true manna and the idea of bread is a sign for us to think about nourishment. But the sign points to the thing signified, and he provides that which gives us eternal life.

Adriel Sanchez: And so, Jesus is convincing us that he is saying, “Look, don’t labor for the food that perishes. You need to come to me. You need to lay hold of the Bread of Life.”


Term to Learn

“Union with Christ”

Phrase referring to the way in which believers share in Christ in eternity (by election), in past history (by redemption), in the present (by effectual calling, justification, and sanctification), and in the future (by glorification). This union is mystical, legal, and organic.

(From Mike Horton’s The Christian Faith, p. 1002, s.v. “Union with Christ”)



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