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Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019

Robert from Carrollton Texas writes,

Hey Shane, from your research can you give me some guidance on the best study of John you have found for an adult Sunday school? Ideally it would have some audio/video component as well as a leaders guide. I think the WHI study this year would augment this more structured study. I’d be grateful for your thoughts.

Robert, when I taught my own class on the Gospel of John, I basically came to the conclusion that there was so much new scholarship out there to interact with that I needed to avoid going with the standard “curriculum” approach. So I just led my class through this amazing text, and would frequently stop here or there to mention a fascinating historical or theological detail, or to interact with one of the observations made by one of the commentators. This seemed like a good fit for our church, and we ended up finishing our study after about two years. If you’re looking for audio resources, I might suggest that you consider cueing up clips from our current White Horse Inn series (such as some of the street interviews that we’ll be airing throughout this year). I do find that an occasional clip of this kind can help to generate a good amount of healthy discussion.

I’ve included a list below of books and commentaries that I found particularly helpful as I prepared to teach classes on the Gospel of John, and I hope that you find some of these resources useful in your own teaching context.

Commentaries & Books on The Gospel of John
The Gospel & Epistles of John, F.F. Bruce
The Gospel According to St. John, Andrew Lincoln
The Gospel According to John, D.A. Carson
The Testimony of the Beloved Disciple, Richard Bauckham
The Historical Reliability of John’s Gospel, Craig Blomberg
The Jewish Targums & John’s Logos Theology, John Ronning
The Gospel of Glory, Richard Bauckham
The Jewish Gospel of John, Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
Truth on Trial: The Lawsuit Motif in the Fourth Gospel, Andrew Lincoln
Following the Way: The Setting of John’s Gospel, Bruce Schein
The Priority of John, John A.T. Robinson
The Witness of St. John to Christ, Stanley Leathes
The Gospel of St. John: A Newly Discovered Commentary, J.B. Lightfoot

 Other Helpful Resources…
Jesus & the Eyewitnesses (2nd Edition), Richard Bauckham
The Jewish Gospels, Daniel Boyarin
Hidden in Plain View, Lydia McGrew
Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, Carson & Beale
God Dwells Among Us, Beale & Kim
Echoes of Exodus, Roberts & Wilson
From Good News to Gospels, David Wenham
Redating the New Testament, John A.T. Robinson
Thoughts on the Holy Gospels, Francis Upham
The Life & Times of Jesus the Messiah, Alfred Edersheim
The Jewish Annotated New Testament (which includes an essay by Daniel Boyarin)
The Writings of Josephus

Rich blessings in Christ,

Shane Rosenthal

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