Five for Friday: Sovereign Grace and Vietnam

Friday, 19 Aug 2016

Five for Friday is an occasional interview series on the WHI blog that features Reformation pacesetters: those who are actively bringing Reformation into their own circles.  In this edition, we’re talking to the people behind Sovereign Grace in Vietnam.

If you know of a Reformation pacesetter that we should interview, please email us and we’ll feature their story as someone leading the way for Reformation.

What is “God’s Sovereignty in Vietnam?”

We have solid reformed materials in both the Vietnamese and English language. We want at least one site where Vietnamese Christians, or those working with them, can easily get free materials which are God-centered and gospel focused. Great materials are not as easy to find within the country. Thus we want to help cultivate an atmosphere so Christian Vietnamese will delight in the Lord himself and not merely in what things he will give them. And we provide some materials that will help less mature believers grow in a Christ-centered way. We also are a contact point for Vietnamese people or those interested in working with Vietnamese.

Since so many things have changed in Vietnam over the last few decades, what is the current status of Christianity and religious workers?

Some churches have a chance to register and some of them are healthy. The Lord is saving some nationals. As to foreigners living here, very few can get a religious visa.

How have you seen God move and work through God’s Sovereignty in Vietnam?

The site is still quite new, but people are able to use our materials and we have been a hub for people to make contact because of their interest in the Vietnamese people. As to our lives among the nationals, apart from any connection to the GSiV site, there are many things we want to share but cannot here. We do believe that all such Christian materials typically need a real person to go with them in a relationship; that’s where the best discipleship happens—with each other. But be assured, the Lord Jesus Christ is at work in Vietnam.

What are your long term goals?

We hope to facilitate the equipping of believers so they can help disciple other Vietnamese to become God-centered. Our heart is to see reformed churches in Vietnam whose center is the person of Christ and his gospel for the nations. We want to continue to beat the drum of God’s greatness, wisdom, and mercy in his sovereign work through Jesus to bring his elect into his fold. We try to encourage Vietnamese Christians to trust God and not move to another country just to have an easier life. Helping them to share the gospel and, in turn, see them assist others to grow in their reformed faith would be such a joy. How wonderful if the Lord would provide a reformed prayer network. Also we’d like to have some reformed bloggers (English and Vietnamese) join us at GSiV.

How can people get involved?

Prayer is an important first step, and a spiritual discipline that we want folks connected to GSiV to maintain. (In other words, we don’t ever want to get past relying on our sovereign Lord in prayer.) We pray because God works mightily through prayer. He is great and is bringing about his plan that way. It’s our desire to know more nationals who have a teachable heart in the doctrines of grace. Please pray towards that end. We welcome those wishing to network. We like it when folks pass along our link to those interested in reformed work in Asia. Anyone with blogging skills can certainly contact us (scroll to bottom of page) and express interest. Other inquiries are welcome too.



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