WHI-1284 | Jesus According to the History Channel

Sunday, 15 Nov 2015

On this edition of the White Horse Inn, Michael Horton focuses on the Jesus that is often portrayed in popular culture. Each holiday season we’re given another opportunity to watch television specials on the life of Jesus. But these programs end up featuring the same left-of-center scholars with radical views about Jesus. This “Jesus of pop culture” has very little in common with the best scholarship available or the biblical Jesus.

Unfortunately, many Christians today don’t know how to respond to these radical claims since they often focus on “the Jesus of my heart” rather than the Jesus who actually lived in first century Palestine. Is the Jesus of history different from the Jesus of faith? Tune in to this special edition of the White Horse Inn as Michael Horton answers these questions and more.

“We don’t’ know Jesus favorite color. We don’t know his favorite flavor of ice cream, or whether he would have latte or half-caf, decaf. And yet these reports include the names of obscure Roman officials who would be left to historical forgetfulness were they not included in the New Testament Gospels.
“Pilate – he didn’t really exist. Then, we found a stone that said he really existed. Felix- or the Jewish King, Agrippa… In fact, some obscure Roman bureaucrat, Quirinius, of what is now Turkey, makes it into the Christmas story. Why? Why don’t’ we really know anything about Jesus’ personality per se but we know about Quirinius being governor of Syria? Because Christianity is unique among religions, in that it is tied to datable events. Fairy-tales always begin once upon a time. Matthew begins with a genealogy!”
– Michael Horton
Objective Truth vs. Subjective Truth
“Objective” truth is rooted in the nature of the object under consideration and transcends the opinions of any subject considering this object. “Subjective” truth is rooted in the opinions and beliefs of the subjects who hold them and vary from person to person.
(Adapted from J. Warner Wallace, ” Objective Truth Is One Thing, But Objective Moral Truth Is Another”)

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