“The Gospel Commission” e-book Offering

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2015

We heard great news today from Baker Publishing, the publisher of Mike Horton’s The Gospel Commission. They are offering the e-book version of The Gospel Commission for just $2.99 TODAY ONLY through several online retailers!

The Gospel Commission is the second volume of the three book trilogy that began with Christless Christianity and concluded with The Gospel Driven Life. In The Gospel Commission, Mike Horton helps the church see that Jesus, the Lord of the Church, has already determined the mission of the church. It’s only by returning to that divinely ordained mission that the church will be obedient to her King and be the embassy of grace in a fallen world that Jesus intended it to be. This is a hopeful book that gives the local church its “marching orders”!

If you already own the hard copy of the book, pick up this e-version at a great price today. In addition to stocking your own library, your purchase helps raise the visibility of the book so that others might notice it and benefit from it.

You can get the book from these online retailers:

Barnes and Noble


Christian Book Distributors

Many thanks to the team at Baker for making this resource available so cheaply today!


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