New 3 Min. Video from WHI

Friday, 05 Jun 2015

We are excited to release a brand new video we have produced thanks to the generosity of donors. We hope to create many more videos like this. Our hope is that they will lead people to our content to drink from the treasure trove of 25 years of resources we are feverishly digitizing, archiving, and tagging – all to help Christians here and abroad to “know what they believe and why they believe it.”

In this case, however, we hope that it will lead people to participate in our spring campaign. The theme for this year’s annual spring appeal is How To Read Your Bible.” We have raised 38% of the funds we are praying the Lord will provide by June 30, 2015.


About 50% of our support comes from our monthly partnership program. The rest is raised in our spring and fall campaigns. If you haven’t already, would you consider a gift to White Horse Inn? In the past we have rejoiced that our supporters have sent gifts of $50, $100, $500, and even $5,000 to us! Would you join us, and help us spread the resources of White Horse Inn around the globe?

Donate $100 and receive a free MP3 CD with over 40 WHI episodes. EVERY GIFT IS IMPORTANT!

I can’t express how deeply grateful I am for your prayers and support of WHI. 


In Christ,

Michael Horton


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